Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Small Comforts

List It Tuesday - from Artsyville blog

Things that offer me small comfort.  Quickly thought of - I'm sure there are more.  So this week I will be thinking about what offers small comfort. (Forgot to publish this in December so actually published in October 2013.  Hmmm...only 10 months behind?) Still fun to think about though.

Here's my list in no particular order:

1.  A cup of hot cocoa – homemade

2.  Eating outside on the porch with Bob

3.  Picnics – any weather, any time, any day. We had a picnic on July 4th one year in the Uintas in Utah and there was snow on the ground at that elevation with people cross-country skiing.  We ate in the car.  It was wonderful. 

4.  New art materials – pencils, anything.  Just bought a couple of Inktense pencils after seeing so many people brag about them.  Haven't tried them yet - saving that little comfort.

5.  Artful Blogging Magazine - I do get a little tired of all the interior design blogs but I still enjoy it and love the photos.

6. A good book I can’t put down.  I love getting lost in literature.

7. Butterflies - not so many of them here in our part of AZ.

8. Seeing a moose up north.  Haven't seen any in our past few trips.  Read someone killed a cow and calf near West Yellowstone - hope they catch whoever did it. 

9.  Seeing elk in AZ.  We sometimes see them near Williams, but not often.  We aren't there late enough in the day, I think.

10. Running into an old friend unexpectedly.

What would your small comforts be this very day?


Monday, March 12, 2012

More books

Finally updated my reading list.  Joined goodreads, after finding a review for "The Pig and Me" on it and buying the book and reading it in a couple of days.   I do enjoy reading about what others are reading, and love being able to purchase a book with a click and having it on my Nook immediately.  Thanks, Amy, for the giftcard!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Reading, Reading, Reading

I think I just might read too much.  Just in case, or in order to find out, I decided to keep a list of all the books I read in 2012.   I will probably add a few I've recently finished in 2011 just because I liked the books and want to remember them.

Someone--me maybe?--needs to add some art (!) to the heading.