Flyfishing Book

I just finished reading Henry Winkler's I've Never Met an Idiot on the River.  He expresses for me exactly what I love about fly-fishing in Montana/Yellowstone.   It's standing in a river in a peaceful setting.  It's being away from the grind of everyday work.  It's stopping the craziness of life for just a few moments. Oh, wait, those are my words!   It's the challenge of catching that little fish.  Well for me, at least, they are all little fish.  And that doesn't matter to me.  Yet.  Maybe when I catch those big ones I'll change my tune about that.   The fun is in getting that little fish to hop up and take my fly.   Following Mr. Winkler's journey from novice to experienced fisherman gives me hope that I'll become better at the challenge of making that happen. 

And then there's the physical setting.  I've stood, walked and fished in so many places where he annually walks and fishes.  The photographs he's taken and included in his book take me back to those lovely Montana and Yellowstone settings.   And I learned a few things about fishing.  For example, the importance of "tight lines."  I know - I suppose everyone should learn that early on, but it didn't impress on my mind until I read Mr. Winkler's explanation.  Thank you, sir.  Another thing - somehow I missed Firehole Lodge in the years I've been visiting and/or living in Montana.  That won't happen again.